Meet the Cast

The Marionette Nativity is brought to you by the youth of the Bainbridge Island Ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


Jeffrey Tappen

Jeffrey Tappen is 15 years old and a sophomore at BHS. This is his 3rd year in the cast. He has his hands full with the donkey, camel and the third wiseman. Among many things, Jeffrey is an accomplished pianist. He also has a talent for animal sounds... listen carefully!


Daisy Amelang

Daisy Amelang is in her 3rd year as the wiseman we have so endearingly named Gold. You can't miss him on the stage! Daisy recently turned 16 years old, got her license and is a Junior at BHS. She plays on the soccer team and has recently taken up Gymnastics.


Emma Russell

This is Emma Russell's 3rd year in the cast and 2nd as the Narrator. Emma is 16 and a Junior at BHS although she will soon be spending 6 months traveling through Europe. She loves kitties, Bob Ross videos, frisbee, dancing and a good burrito! 


Kiera Blackford

Kiera Blackford is 15 years old and a Junior at Seattle Central University. This is Kiera's first year in the cast and she plays the part of a wiseman. She loves dogs, frisbee and a fun fact... she can juggle! 


Greysen Allen

Greysen Allen is 16 years old and a sophomore at BHS. This is his 3rd year in the cast but his first playing Joseph. Greysen likes to play ultimate frisbee and he can jam on the guitar, ukulele and drums and there isn't a song he can't dance to!


Blake Ross

Blake Ross is 16 years old and this is his 2nd year as a shepherd. Blake is a dedicated ballroom dancer! He also plays the piano, enjoys reading and making puns! 


Ben Van Aken

Ben Van Aken has been a great addition to the cast this year as "Little Shepherd Boy Nate". Ben is 16 years old and rows crew as a Sophomore at BHS. He also loves dogs, DOGS and DOGGGSSSS!


Laua’e Kurihara

Laua'e Kurihara is 15 years old and a Freshman at BHS. She is also the beautiful voice behind Silent Night. This is her 2nd year playing Mary. She is an avid soccer player, bakes every Friday night and when she sings in Hawaiian, everything feels good in the world!